11th January 2017
6 Things To Consider When Renting A New Office Space

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Whether you’ve now outgrown your current office space, or have growth plans on the horizon in 2o17, we’ve put together quick checklist to help inform your decision when you next consider renting a new office space. Remember, this period of change doesn’t need to be a stressful one, this is a hugely exciting time for you and your business, marking successful growth. Find the right space that will work with you as you continue to go from strength to strength in 2017.


1. Room to Grow

Whilst the current space might be at the forefront of your mind, it’s always important to pre-empt future growth plans, and ensure that your new workspace can accommodate you. Maybe there is room to extend the new space should you need it, maybe you could knock through to neighbouring spaces, or maybe there are larger suites within the same complex. You want to know that should all go well, and expansion takes place, that you are going to be accommodated for, rather than plagued by yet another big move. Speak to your landlords, discuss your growth ambitions and plan for tomorrow as well as today. Any good landlord will have the vision to grow with their businesses.


2. Commute & Location

There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to evaluating a new location for your office move. Firstly, how easy will it be for your team to commute to the new space? Are there good transport links, is it easily accessible? One of the biggest motivations that we’ve seen over the past year is the amount of businesses looking to relocate from city centre locations plagued by parking restrictions, high rental fees, parking charges and rush hour traffic, to nearby but far more accessible spaces. That city centre office that you’re considering, though it might be convenient when you finally get to the office, what is it going to take every morning to actually get you and your team there. Compromises are available that still ensure that you are part of the business hub, and accessible for clients, whilst being affordable, convenient and accessible for your team.


3. First Impressions Count

Do you plan to have clients/customers visit your office space? The importance of the right space extends beyond the four walls that you and your team sit within. Do your new landlords offer a reception service? Will your clients be greeted with a smile? Alongside this there are many administrative tasks that can be taken off your hands to free up more time – call answering, mail collection, postal services, cleaning, maintenance etc. Remember to find out how much can be catered for at the new space, it can often be far more cost effective when offered as part of your package, than as something you have to manage and account for internally.


4. Your New Neighbours

When you next visit the office space, why not ask to be introduced to a couple of neighbouring businesses. Regardless of the industry that you operate within, its always beneficial to be surrounded by like minded, innovative individuals. Who knows what business opportunities lie in a quick coffee with the business across the hallway, who knows what doors may be opened by new connections that you make. Talk to your prospective landlords about the types of businesses within the hub, and start making your introductions.


5. Local Amenities

Take a walk away from the office, find out what’s on your doorstep. That cafe down the road could solve your coffee run issues, that sandwich shop within walking distance could be something that your staff really value, sometimes not having to drive to grab lunch can be a real bonus, so get out and see what’s on your doorstep.


6. Access & Opening Hours

Not every business operates 9-5, we all know what it’s like when you need to get to the office early, or that deadline that causes you to stay later. Though we have set opening hours here at Brymau Estates, many businesses choose to utilise our 24 hour access codes to benefit from out of hours access. Ensure that your new office has the right, and secure procedures in place to enable you to gain access when and as you need it.



If you are currently looking for a new space in which to grow your business then why not drop us a call or email. We offer flexible and affordable business accommodation for all business types and sizes across Cheshire and North Wales. Changing offices does not to be a challenge, so let us help guide your next steps to a stree-free, seamless move! 

CALL 01244 681 221  EMAIL – enquiries@brymauestates.co.uk

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22nd July 2016
10 Benefits Of Transitioning From A Home Office To Your First Rented Office

Wide Angle View Of Busy Design Office With WorkersIt was always going to be an exciting (and daunting) point when you reach that stage when a home office just won’t work for your growing business any more.

As suppliers of commercial office space across Cheshire & North Wales for over 45 years, we have met many business owners who have reached this exciting point and just don’t realise the breadth of opportunities that this stage throws up.  It’s always incredibly rewarding to see how their businesses go on to thrive within their new environment after taking that first big step!

If you’re contemplating the big move, here’s ten key ways your business can look to benefit from the transition…

1. Set the right first impression for your clients

Any business owner that offers a client facing service will know the challenges that client meetings pose when you work from home. You could meet them at the local coffee shop, you could borrow a friends office or arrange to meet them at their office instead, but nothing gives off as good an impression as your own office, complete with managed reception and professional meeting spaces.

2. The exciting opportunity to expand your team!

A growing business needs more business heads, more heads require more space and that’s just not going to work within your home office. Branching out to a professional office means that you can start hunting for talent to drive your business forwards, and give off a highly professional impression to any new recruits looking to join your team.

3. Improve your work/life balance

One of the biggest challenges that we hear from owners who currently work from home, is being able to switch off from work and separate work-life from home-life when they both happen under the same roof. Working from home sounds easy & convenient, but in fact the reality can be far different. Leaving home each day to head to work can bring a real boost to your productivity levels, also leaving work after a hard day at the office will enable you to switch off and relax into some much needed down time!

4. Bring more visibility to your business

Joining a commercial office or business hub is a fantastic way of increasing the visibility of your business. It can be easy to reside at home and forget the opportunities that networking might bring to your business, however working within a community of SME’s can throw up networking opportunities every day. Who knows what opportunity that conversation over your morning coffee might throw up!

5. Cut down some of your admin time

Opening the mail, answering the phone, and managing your out of office might not seem like big tasks in the day to day, but many offices will offer these services within your rental. Popping out for a business lunch? Leave it up to the team of receptionists to handle your calls, and take clients messages whilst you are out of contact. Working away for a couple of days or taking that needed holiday break? Have someone sort your mail for you and notify you of anything that needs addressing. Never underestimate the little things, and helping hands that enable you to streamline your day better and keep on top of your communications.

6. Remove the challenges of teams working remotely

If you have remote employees, or contractors that you manage, you’ll already know the challenges that remote working can throw up. Managing projects, holding meetings, cultivating culture and communicating effectively can all be challenged when you work as a remote team, so why not bring everyone together and see how your business could thrive.

7. Reduce distractions & interruptions

Distractions and interruptions happen anywhere, and we can’t promise that’s going to stop when you move to a professional office, but the home can throw up more distractions than most. Whether its family members, housework, food and coffee breaks or neighbours popping round in the day, prolonged working from home can throw your productivity completely out. Offices often mean more people and more noise, but people who are all working towards the same goal with the same focus. Rather than distracting, a productive office environment can be highly motivating.

8. Build your company culture

Remote teams provide quite a challenge when your trying to build a company culture. Bringing your team together will enable you to lay those foundations early, to start building the values that hold your team together and cultivate success for the future.

9. Join a network of like minded business owners & entrepreneurs

Working from home can be quite alienating at times, for some people working in this way suits them, however everyone can benefit from being around like minded business individuals from time to time. Moving to a new office space brings with it plenty of new networking opportunities – our head office, Red Hill House homes a wide variety of SME’s with individuals sharing business leads and coffee breaks, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

10. Finally, more room to grow! 

Launching your very first professional office space is the first step in exciting journey ahead as you grow your business. Here at Brymau Estates we grow with our clients businesses. Office spaces are always highly flexible and whether companies need to expand their space, or take on new offices within new locations, we’ll always work to make it happen.


We know that making the change throws up concerns too regarding overheads, utilities, furnishings & commutes. Here at Brymau Estates we work to make those barriers and challenges manageable, affordable and suitable to each and every business. If you are thinking of making the move why not pop in and see us. We’ll talk you through our range of services, we’ll find the right choice accommodation, set flexible terms that match your needs, and guide you every step of the way as you launch your first professional office. CONTACT US 

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